The association was formed over the summer of 2011 after the 1st NDG critical mass bike ride to the borough council. The first meeting of the association was held at Cafe 92 degrees. More recently we rode to the June 27th 2011 borough council. The ride was a successful show of force by NDG cyclists. The critical mass ride was intended to bring to the attention of borough councilors the need for a safe solution for the stretch of Maisonneuve between Claremont and Prud’homme.
The mission of the NDG Cyclist and Pedestrian Association (NDGCPA) is to advocate for improved infrastructure and opportunities for the cyclists and pedestrians of NDG who choose to bike or walk rather than drive their cars to work, to school or for daily activities. We also aim to raise awareness within the NDG community regarding issues surrounding transportation, as well as safe and responsible use of our streets in order to ensure more harmonious interactions between pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
Improvements to the NDG section of the de Maisonneuve bike path, including
  • A safe crossing over Decarie St.
  • Painted lines on the new paved sections of the path.
  • The completion of the repavement of the path.

Greater Bixi coverage in NDG
Outreach within the community so that we may identify common needs.
Research and gather statistics in order to
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for improving the borough’s cycling/walking infrastructure
  • Promote cyclist and pedestrian rights
  • Show cycling and walking as cost-effective alternatives to other modes of transportation




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