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It’s a simple idea: a movement that encourages people to do good. There are so many different ways to express generosity now and every day! Give time, make someone smile, help a neighbour, or make a donation. Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts.

Join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, and it’s bigger and better than ever! For every $10 donation you make to any charity via in the month of June, you get one entry to win incredible adventure-themed prizes. We will also be awarding two prizes of $10,000 donations to two charities!

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Donate for NDG Community
Bring a smile along with food to isolated NDG residents! Support both residents and local businesses! Our December Together project is aiming at putting a smile on isolated residents' faces during the holidays. With the difficult last year, the struggle is real and isolation will be at a peak during that period of the year. Both our residents and local businesses need our support during the Holiday season this year! Donating for December Together allows us to encourage local businesses while supporting our isolated residents. Thank you for your support!
The Great Canadian Giving Challenge 2020
The NDG Community Council has been helping individuals to fill their tax declarations for free for more than 20 years. Our service is offered for free from March to December to all low to modest income NDG residents. For most of our clients, this service is essential. Producing their income tax declaration is the only way for families to receive the Government support for their children and for seniors to receive their pension. Without those financial help, those residents cannot meet their basic needs. Donating to support the NDG Free tax clinics is an easy way to give us the ability to serve as many of our residents as possible.
Donate for NDG Community
A call from our Community Centers: Our youth in NDG need your help
Youth have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as it impedes their ability to attend classes and succeed in school. Their situation becomes even more precarious when their families face poverty, language barriers, and lack of access to their own educational supports.
Unbelievably, financial support for these extended homework program hours is not covered by current funding, and this essential link to families is in dire risk of ending unless our community can find the necessary $6000/center ($24000 total) to cover the cost of homework-help staff tutors.

Why should I donate to the NDG Community Council?

The NDG Community Council has noticed a big difficulty during the COVID pandemic: many NDG residents are isolated due to a lack of technology. Either they cannot afford the material and the Internet connection or they do not have the necessary knowledge to be able to use it. Every dollar you give is returned directly to the community and could help the Council to connect residents to the Internet in some of the most vulnerable areas in NDG, provide laptops and tablets to seniors, families or isolated individuals and organise training and workshops to develop technological literacy. Allowing vulnerable NDG residents to be better connected to their community is of the utmost importance in this pandemic situation and should be a priority for the near future.

The NDG Community Council is, since 1942, working to improve NDG residents' quality of life. Since March, we have worked tirelessly to make sure no one is left behind. We have developed a Breaking Social Isolation program to connect with residents online and through the phone, we are doing information and referral on call and also doing wellness calls. The Council is also offering free tax clinics to help residents living with modest or low-income. Along with our partners, we identify issues in the community and find solutions. Giving to the NDG Community Council is supporting the community's most vulnerable members in many different ways!

See what your donation can do in our community:

  • Support our information and referral service
  • Get tax declaration filled for free for one low-income individual
  • Provide internet service for 3 months for a family
  • Buy an adapted tablet for a senior to stay connected
  • Buy a laptop for a family to be connected, pursue academic lessons
  • Support a full day of outreach and animation of activities in the neighborhood with social distancing allowing isolated residents to get informed on the available services in the community and break social isolation

The NDG Community Council is a registered charity, you will receive a tax receipt for your contribution.




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