The NDG intercultural table aims to promote the integration of people of NDG from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and to encourage their full participation in Quebec society. During the year, members of the Table worked on the consolidation of its mission, mandate, values, and course of action. 

Co-Coordinated by Bienvenue à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (Miguel Cristancho(514) 561-5850) and the NDG Community Council  (514) 484-1471 


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The NDG intercultural table has the mandate to:
Develop and support projects and services that promote better socio-economic and political inclusion and greater participation of cultural communities and newcomers living in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
Encourage the learning of intercultural differences and respect for diversity.


The activities of the Table are governed by the following principles:
-We promote a holistic, open and egalitarian approach in all our actions and we value the contribution of immigrants and members of cultural communities in the development of the NDG community.
-We pledge to work together to give our support to immigrants in support of their integration into the community.


The NDG Community Council is committed to working on the issue of services for new immigrants in NDG. In addition to playing a leadership role in the creation of the NDG Intercultural Table, the Council has acted as fiduciary for the Bienvenue à NDG project since its inception in 2009.
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The TINDG Action Plan is structured around the five directions listed below. For each direction, the table has retained the objectives consistent with the mission of the table. Organizations and institutions will work together to:
-To Promote capacity development of the Table member organizations as well as those who work with immigrants
-Develop methods of interventions that identify the needs of immigrants from the moment they arrive to better direct them to appropriate resources
-To Facilitate the learning of the French language
-To Promote the integration of members of cultural communities and newcomers to the Quebec job market
-Carry and support initiatives to break the social isolation of newcomers

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In 2008, 10 organizations working in the In 2008 ten organizations working in the NDG neighborhood gathered around the issue of how to get a full socio-economic participation of immigrants and ethnocultural communities in the district.
En 2008 une dizaine d’organismes travaillant dans le quartier Notre-Dame-de-Grâce se sont réunis autour de la problématique de la pleine participation socioéconomique des personnes immigrantes et des communautés ethnoculturelles du quartier.



  In order to clarify initiatives and lines of actions, in 2009 the NDG Intercultural Table initiated a preliminary research among the population of the borough.
Through various organizations working in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, over 100 members of cultural communities NDG and social workers have identified the major challenges of the integration of immigrants in NDG. 

Afin de préciser des initiatives et des lignes d’action, en 2009, la TINDG a initié une recherche préliminaire auprès de la population de l’arrondissement. À travers différents organismes oeuvrant à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, plus de 100 membres des communautés culturelles de NDG et travailleurs sociaux ont identifié les défis majeurs de l’intégration des personnes immigrantes à NDG.


 Subsequently, in 2010 the TINDG organized a series of discussion groups that provided an opportunity for newcomers to speak in depth, giving their opinion on this issue. The action plan of the TINDG is the result of a process of consultation and deliberation. It creates a common place or agencies, institutions and ethnocultural communities working together to promote the integration of immigrants in NDG.
Par la suite, en 2010 la TINDG a organisé une série de groupes de discussions qui ont donné la possibilité aux nouveaux arrivants de s’exprimer en profondeur, en donnant leur avis sur cette problématique. Le plan d’action de la TINDG est le résultat d’un processus de consultation et de délibération. Il crée un lieu commun ou les organismes, les institutions et les communautés ethnoculturelles travaillent ensemble pour favoriser l’intégration des personnes immigrantes à NDG. 





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