NDG Community Christmas Dinner

The fiduciary project of NDG Community Council is a heartwarming tradition that has been running in NDG since 1988. Organized exclusively by a dedicated team of volunteers, this Christmas Day event brings the community together for a delightful meal and warm fellowship. It's made possible by the generous support of the community, with donations that include cash contributions, turkeys, baked goods, beverages, and gifts for the children, demonstrating the spirit of giving and unity during the holiday season

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  • Community unity and inclusivity: To bring the community together, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity, where residents from all walks of life can come together to celebrate the holiday season as one big family.

  • Addressing food insecurity: To provide a warm and hearty Christmas meal to individuals and families who may be experiencing food insecurity, ensuring that no one goes without a festive meal during this special time of year.

  • Promoting volunteerism and generosity: To encourage volunteerism and generosity within the community by organizing the event exclusively through volunteers and donations. This promotes the spirit of giving and strengthens the sense of community responsibility.


NDG Community Christmas Dinner 2023

2023 Community Christmas Dinner

The NDG Community Christmas Dinner will be held on Christmas Day in the St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church Hall, 4455 West Broadway, north of Sherbrooke, from 1 to 7 pm.

All NDG citizens are welcome and warmly encouraged to attend, there is no charge and we do not solicit donations at the Dinner.

The Christmas Dinner has been held continuously since 1988 and, in that first year, 125 people participated. Thirty-five years later we are serving over 1,000 meals which include turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, hot vegetables, baked goods for dessert, juice for the children and coffee. Alcoholic beverages are not served nor are they permitted in the hall.

The Christmas Dinner is an informal, all-volunteer activity (we number about 200) that we start planning around mid to end October. We don’t hold meetings, there are no committees and we don’t have a president. Nor do we seek individual recognition. We just, sort, of get together and get going.  

The turkeys are bought, roasted and delivered to the Church by NDG citizens. Desserts are baked, also, by NDGers and delivered to the Church. All the other food items are bought with money raised through donations received during the year.

This year, no thanks to inflation and rising costs of food and most other necessities, food insecurity has touched all corners of NDG and, so, we are asking for your help. 

Thank you all and have a happy and healthy holiday season and 2024.

The NDG Community Christmas Dinner Group  

2023 We need

 roasted turkeys, desserts, volunteers and donations. If you are able, and would like to donate a roasted turkey, please contact Paul at 514-895-6337, e-mail paulshubin@sympatico.ca. Anyone who likes to get flour all over themselves, and would like to do some holiday baking, should contact Sharron at 514-262-6411, e-mail sharron.schwartz@gmail.com  

2023 We need

volunteers in both the kitchen, the hall and for other “tasks” on the 24th and 25th. If you’ve got some time and would like to spend it in a friendly, festive atmosphere call Paul for kitchen duties and Kathryn, e-mail
 santashelpersndg@gmail.com for hall, and the various other, activities—and there are many!

2023 Donate

Finally, those wishing to make a donation should make it payable to the NDG Community Council, 5964 Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, #206, Montréal, QC, H4A 1N1, and specify that it is for the Christmas Dinner.

Please be sure to include your name and complete address as the Council will issue a receipt for a charitable income tax deduction.

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