PARK (ing) DAY

Park(ing) Day is an international event designed to celebrate everyday choices for sustainable mobility and to advocate for favorable urban amenities by taking over a parking spot. Saint-Raymond, Benny, Westhaven and Walkley held their own version of parking day from coffee shops to hot dog stands to art and craft stations to a game of dominos! All gatherings reflect of what residents wanted to see more of in the neighborhood.

Park (ing) Day in NDG


  • Promote Sustainable Mobility: Park(ing) Day aims to raise awareness about sustainable transportation choices by transforming parking spaces into interactive and engaging urban amenities. By showcasing alternatives to car-centric infrastructure, the event encourages participants to consider walking, cycling, and public transit as viable modes of transportation.
  • Advocate for Urban Amenities: The event serves as a platform to advocate for the creation of more pedestrian-friendly and community-oriented urban spaces. By temporarily repurposing parking spots into vibrant public spaces, Park(ing) Day demonstrates the potential for inclusive and accessible amenities such as coffee shops, art stations, and recreational areas in urban environments.
  • Facilitate Community Engagement: Park(ing) Day provides an opportunity for residents to actively participate in shaping their neighborhood's future. By expressing their preferences through the installations and activities featured during the event, community members contribute to the dialogue on urban planning and design, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their local area.


Halloween Decorating of the Melrose Tunnel





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