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NDG Reads is a literacy debate designed to highlight social issues through the joy of literature. Our target is residents whose stories are being told. 4 judges get together to debate which title the neighbourhood should read. Topics have included: the book that most exemplifies neighbourhood life, Turf Wars (neighbourhood versus neighbourhood), Truth and Reconciliation to name a few

NDG Reads


  1. Promoting Literacy: NDG Reads aims to promote literacy and a love for reading within the community of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

  2. Addressing Social Issues: It serves as a platform to bring attention to important social issues by exploring them through the lens of literature.

  3. Engaging Residents: NDG Reads is designed to engage residents whose stories and experiences are reflected in the literature being discussed.

  4. Community Dialogue: Through the debate format, it encourages open and meaningful discussions within the community about various topics, such as neighborhood life, conflicts, and reconciliation.

  5. Cultural Enrichment: It contributes to the cultural enrichment of the community by promoting reading and literature as a means of personal and social growth.

  6. Community Bonding: NDG Reads fosters a sense of community by bringing residents together to share their thoughts and ideas.


NDG Reads 2023


  • Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-deGrâce
  • NDG Arts Week
  • Réseau Bibliothèque Notre-Dame-deGrâce
  • Residents


Combat des Livres NDG Reads brought the tradition of CBC Reads to NDG. This event brings books to life through animated debate and competition to declare the must read Montreal novel. The inaugural Combat des Livres NDG Reads was organized by the Council with key funding coming from the Fondation du Grand Montreal.
Some Highlights

  • Author appearance - Heather Camlot, author of Clutch, attended the first community event that was held at REP NDG.
  • Author appearance - Claire Holden, Author of My October attended the last community event at the NDG Cultural Centre and was honored as the book to read
  • Catering – Three Sisters Catering at the Gala Soiree provided delicious traditional Indigenous food that kept the crowd socializing until every last bite was eaten.
  • Dance performance by the Loyola Dance Program was spellbinding.

Opening remarks by Elder Joe Jacobs from Kahnawake were inspiring and thought provoking.

The NDG Community Council is excited to be hosting our second annual Combat des Livres NDG Reads!
Join us on February 22nd to witness a literary battle as some of NDG’s finest defend some of Montreal’s best literature until one book is crowned the must read Montreal novel.
The theme for this year is “Turf Wars.” Celebrating the quirks and subtle differences that can be found as you travel from one neighbourhood to the next, which one of these literary gems provides the best representation of Montreal?
The Montreal masterpieces that will be defended are:
• Cycling to Asylum by Su J. Sokol
• Born Into It: A Fan’s Life by Jay Baruchel
• Rue by Melissa Bull
• Sun of a Distant Land by David Bouchet
Leading up to Combat des Livres NDG Reads we will be posting information about the books, their authors, and the literary heroes who chose to defend them.
Thank you to the Aviva Community fund and all of the amazing people who voted for us in order to make our second edition of Combat des Livres NDG Reads a reality!
The Suburban>>>

Reconciliation is not an aboriginal problem, it is a Canadian problem It involves all of us.” -Justice Murray Sinclair
To celebrate the power of literature and a love of reading, the NDG Community Council is thrilled to be hosting our third edition of Combat des Livres NDG Reads, a free event open to the community. The focus for this year’s event is Truth and Reconciliation. We invite the community to read books that reveal hard truths about colonialism and to learn about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls To Action.
Joe Jacobs, an elder from the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) community will open and close our online event.

  • Sean Henry, host of CBC’s Daybreak, will moderate a discussion about learning from stories, and actions our community can take to support reconciliation. He will be joined by many special guests;
  • Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo is Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk) of mixed heritage originally from Kahnawake, now living in Montreal. Barbara is currently the Artistic Director and Choreographer of A’nó:wara Dance Theatre.
  • Autumn Godwin, a graduate student at Concordia University and a member of the Buckskin Babes Collective
  • Coordinator of St Raymond’s Center, Nadine Collins. Winner of Combat des Livre NDG Reads 2019

Your friends and neighbours will be championing the following titles:
● Bearskin Diary by Carol Rose Daniels (Cree, Dene) – championed by Aicha Seghiri
● Five Little Indians by Michelle Good (Cree) – championed by Elizabeth Knowles
● Kuessipan by Naomi Fontaine (Innu) – championed by Etienne Dyer
● Truth and Conviction Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi’kmaw Quest for Justice by Jane
McMillon -championed by Sruti Islam

The evening will also feature information and cultural skills shared by Indigenous members of the NDG and Montreal community.
We thank our local bookstores and libraries for supporting this event. Leading up to Combat des Livres NDG Reads we will be posting information about the books, their authors, and the literary heroes who chose to defend them on facebook.
The NDG Community Council would like to recognize the generous financial support provided by Desjardins and everyone who participated in the La Ruche campaign.

Sharon Sweeney, Community Organiser – Conseil communautaire NDG




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