Mobilization: A large part of our work is to empower NDG residents to become active participants in building a better community. The Council works together with residents to break down social isolation and improve access to resources. We have a large scope of outreach initiatives aimed at gathering residents and promoting events and services in the neighborhood.


December Together in NDG

"December Together" aims to break isolation during the end of year holiday period, but also to mobilize residents and partners together to develop a sense of community and solidarity.

Winter 101 Festival in NDG

Winter 101, organized by the NDG Community Council in collaboration with Jeunesse Benny, aims to introduce NDG families to enjoyable winter activities. On a beautiful February day, families gathered to embrace the cold weather and indulge in cross-country skiing and skating. The event also featured an inflatable castle, music, dancing, arts and crafts, and a delicious soup and hot chocolate snack, creating a memorable day of family fun.

Lunar New Year in NDG

The Lunar New Year community event is a festive celebration that brings together residents from diverse backgrounds to usher in the traditional Asian New Year. This vibrant occasion is a manifestation of our community's cultural richness, featuring a spectrum of activities, performances, and workshops that encapsulate the spirit of renewal and unity.

 NDG Reads

Urban Sugar Shack: Collaborating with ArtsWeek and the Saint-Raymond Centre, we proudly present our annual Cabane à Sucre event. Recognizing the barriers of distance and cost to traditional sugar shacks, we bring the experience directly to the community. Join us for a free traditional meal, live music, crafts, and, of course, plenty of tire d’érable!


Jane’s Walks - Promenades de Jane in NDG

Inspired by the writings of urbanist and social icon Jane Jacobs, Jane’s Walks are part of an international annual festival of free, citizen -led neighbourhood tours. These tours are done by volunteers, held in early May, and encourage people to explore their local neighbourhoods while sharing stories and uncovering overlooked aspects of city life.

 NDG Reads
NDG Reads is a literacy debate designed to highlight social issues through the joy of literature. Our target is residents whose stories are being told.
Persian New Year Nowruz in NDG

Les nouveaux arrivants de la communauté iranienne de notre-dame-de-grâce vous invitent à découvrir et célébrer le nouvel an perse!

The Council created a unique program to collect formal gowns, accessories and suits for a ‘prom dress giveaway’, with the global objective of making high-school and college prom season less expensive and wasteful for local youth and their families.




Neighborhood Parties in NDG
Each year, the Council and our partners work together to host neighbourhood festivals in the priority sectors. Residents and community partners come together to organise and enjoy free, socially-inclusive, fun events in sectors that otherwise lack community animation and engagement from residents. These events allow neighbours to meet each other, community bonds to be formed, and the most socially isolated to have a chance to feel included. In 2018, all four priority sectors held their own event: the St Raymond’s Harvest Festival, the Benny Farm Sherbrooke Forest Community BBQ, the Westhaven Neighbourhood Party, and the Fête du Quartier Fielding Walkley. A total of 362 of residents were reached throughout these events.
Community Yard Sales in NDG
Yard sales are an opportunity for residents to make extra revenue as well as meet their NDG neighbors and reinforce social networks. In 2018, we supported resident groups in the planning of the second Benny community yard sale and the first St-Raymond one. A total of 27 families participated in the yard sales.


Halloween in NDG
Halloween holds a special place in the heart of the NDG community, as it brings residents of all ages together for a night of creative expression, neighborly camaraderie, and spooky fun. It fosters a sense of unity and belonging as neighbors join forces to transform their streets into enchanting, eerie realms, creating lasting memories for young and old alike.
Parking Day in NDG
Park(ing) Day is an international event designed to celebrate everyday choices for sustainable mobility and to advocate for favorable urban amenities by taking over a parking spot. Saint-Raymond, Benny and Walkley held their own eclectic version of parking day from coffee shops to hot dog stands to art and craft stations to a game of dominos! All gatherings were reflective of what residents wanted to see more of in the neighborhood. All three parking spots received a total of 150 residents in the area.
Centraide is kicking off its annual campaign on October, when 20,000 people will take to the streets of downtown Montreal for Centraide’s traditional March of 1,000 Umbrellas. Join the crowd to show your commitment to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.





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