MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Center

The mission of the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre is to maximize our clients’ autonomy and community participation in order to improve their quality of life.

Working in a collaborative and interdisciplinary fashion this mission is realized through the provision of specialized and ultra-specialized adaptation, rehabilitation, and social integration services to people with a significant and persistent disability.

The Centre’s clients include children and youth with motor impairments or communication disorders, and people of all ages who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing or who have a visual impairment. In conjunction with our clinical mission, the Centre is committed to participating in the education of healthcare professionals and conducting applied research in the field of rehabilitation.

In addition to providing services in French and English, MAB-Mackay is designated by the Ministry of Health and Social Services as an establishment providing services in English to the population of Montréal and the Lanaudière, Laval, Montérégie and Northern Québec regions.

Employment Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities


Our Values

Client centred services

Through active listening, demonstration of respect for clients’ values, culture and right to choose.

Pursuit of excellence through:

Best clinical practices
Knowledge acquisition
Research and teaching
Innovation and creativity


Creation of an environment where clients, clinical teams, health and social service establishments and community organizations can work together for an integrated service network.


Consistent, honest, transparent and respectful communication with all stakeholders.


Services offerts:

Visual Impairment:   

Children and Youth Program

    Rehabilitation Program in Specialized Schools

    Multiple Impairment Program – Children and Youth

    Adult Program

    Senior Program

    Dual Sensorial Impairment Program – Adults and Seniors

    Low Vision Clinic

    Service for Assistive Technology

    Employment Service

    Braille Production Service

    Technical Aids Boutique

Auditory impairment:

Children and Youth Program

Multiple Impairment Program – Children and Youth

Adult and Senior Program

Dual Sensorial Impairment Program – Adults and Seniors

Service for Assistive Technology

Employment Service

ASL Courses (American Sign Language)

Motor Impairment

Motor Disabilities Program

Motor Developmental Disorders Program

Rehabilitation Program in Specialized Schools

Multiple Impairment Program

Saliva Management Clinic

Dysphagia and Feeding Disturbance Clinic

Service for Assistive Technology – Motor Impairment

Service for Assistive Technology – Communication

Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders Program

Rehabilitation Program in Specialized Schools

Service for Assistive Technology – Communication


In order to better serve its clientele, MAB-Mackay has implemented one easy phone number to remember for both of its sites:


Head Office (MAB Site)
7000 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H4B 1R3
Fax: 514-489-3477
Services to the visually impaired
Day Centre for visually impaired seniors

Mackay Site
3500 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, QC H4A 3J5
Fax: 514-482-4536
TTY: 514-482-0487
Services to children and adolescents with a motor, language, or hearing impairment
Services to adults and seniors with an hearing impairment



If you are looking for an opportunity to become part of an organization where you will be able to work, learn and to develop professionally and personally in an excellent working environment, then we would like to meet you.

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre regularly recruits employees in the following clinical professions: Audiology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work and, Vision Rehabilitation.

The Centre also employs administrative, support and technical staff and regularly recruits employees in these categories as well. Collectively, our dedicated employees play a key role in helping our clients lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

We invite you to consult the following available positions to see if there is an employment opportunity for you at our Centre.


Over many years, the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre has had the good fortune of being able to depend on the support of hundreds of volunteers. Their precious contribution has helped the Centre accomplish its mission.

Volunteers offer a warm friendship that brings a fresh and enthusiastic outlook. Volunteering at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of visually or hearing impaired persons of all ages, as well as in that of children with a motor or language impairment and their families. Volunteers assist and complete the team of professionals who have the Centre's tradition of excellence in mind.

The commitment extended by the MAB-Mackay volunteers to our clients, their families and the public is of the highest importance in the fulfillment of the Centre's goals. Their presence makes it possible for us to successfully meet our clients' needs.

Volunteer opportunities
Arts & Crafts
Braille Transcription Service
Breakfast Program
Clerical work
Day Centre
Friendly visiting
Social Club (Bingo)
Swimming pool
Technical Aids Boutique





(514) 484-1471

fax: (514) 484-1687