NDG Directors' Table

Since 2014, the Directors’ Table has been a space for directors in NDG to meet, support each other, and share information. The group keeps expanding and changing, but we always have the same needs and challenges. 

NDg Directors Table


  • YMCA Québec
  • Bienvenue à NDG
  • Jeunesse Loyola
  • Logis Action
  • L'Abri en Ville
  • Fondation de la Visite
  • Prévention CDN NDG
  • CJLO
  • The Depot Community Food Centre
  • Eva Marsden Center
  • Women on the Rise


  • Maison Mosaik
  • Concertation Jeunesse
  • PEP
  • Saint-Raymond Community Center
  • Black Community Resource Center
  • Head and Hands
  • O3 On Our Own
  • Walkley Center


Green fair 2023 in NDG
The group had three (3) meetings. We had our first Hybrid meeting in September, then we moved to in-person meetings in November.
Our discussions included the Director's needs, challenges and usual venting. In addition , this year the group focused on the Strategic Plan.
  • 1 March 2023 (in person) at SaintRaymond Community Center (10 Directors)
  • 28 November 2022 (Hybrid) Walkley Center (13 In person, 4 on zoom)
  • 12 September 2022 (Hybrid) at Walkley Center
At our September meeting, the group recommended adding the Capacity Building as one of the priorities for the Community Strategic Plan.


After the impact of COVID-19, in 2021, our outreach team focused on bringing the community back together through different kiosks and outdoor festive events such as neighborhood barbecue, the wheel game and community gardening.
Wheel game: Having spent all of last summer surveying residents the team felt that general outreach needed some new tools. We created the wheel game as a result!
In total 303 residents were surveyed
we had approximately 35 winners of gift cards or electronic Tablets

Vision for future outreach in NDG

Partnership with other organizations

Partnership is a critical component of successful outreach efforts in the NDG neighborhood. The NDG Community Council actively seeks partnerships with other community organizations to maximize outreach opportunities and better serve the needs of residents. For instance, the council provides kiosks during other organizations' events, and community workers from other organizations can join together for outreach initiatives. By working collaboratively, the Council can promote resources not only from its own organization but also from other organizations in NDG. This is made possible through effective communication and trust-building efforts among community organizations. By sharing information about available resources and collaborating on outreach initiatives, community organizations can help to ensure that residents are aware of and have access to the services they need. Partnership is a crucial aspect of building a connected and supportive community in NDG.

Partnership with residents

Partnership with residents is another essential aspect of successful outreach efforts in the NDG neighborhood. The NDG Community Council works to involve residents in outreach activities, such as kiosks and door-to-door campaigns, by recruiting volunteers from the community. This approach not only enables the council to expand its outreach efforts but also empowers residents to actively participate in the community and learn more about the services offered by the council. By involving residents in outreach initiatives, the council can build trust, establish relationships, and gain valuable insights into the needs of the community. This partnership approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents and promotes a more connected and engaged community in NDG.




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