The Council facilitates collective action in an integrated manner to effectively improve the quality of life in NDG. By creating spaces and opportunities for local actors to meet, understand each other, and mobilize around common issues we have been able to increase our collective action, develop leadership and maximize impact. The Council is an active member of many sectoral tables, working groups, regional coalitions and Borough committees.


Part of the Council’s mandate is to support groups of local residents who want to make a difference in their community and to spearhead as well as facilitate mobilization efforts around issues of common concern in the community.


As a hub of community resources, the Council provides residents and community organizations with information and support on a daily basis

About the NDG Community Council

The NDG Community Council is a not-for-profit organization (informally started in 1942, and formally registered in September 29 1948) that acts to promote, improve and sustain the well-being of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community and its residents. The Council is one of 30 Tables de quartier on the Island of Montreal, each with the mandate of bringing together and mobilizing various actors in its territory (community organizations, associations, institutions, the private sector) as well as residents to involve them in a concerted effort to identifying community needs, setting priorities for action, as well as ensuring implementation and follow-up.

The Council is governed by a Board of Directors made up of a combination of residents, organizations, businesses and a staff representative, 12 members in total.



 We are an organization created by the NDG community that listens, mobilizes, facilitates and acts. We foster partnerships between residents, community partners and key players to identify and address needs and emerging issues in order to cultivate strategy and solutions. As allies, we exist for the community as a whole while supporting and strengthening the most vulnerable and isolated. The NDG Community Council strives to achieve a socially just, inclusive and sustainable community. 


•    Inclusiveness and representation that reflects the community
•    Transparency
•    Social justice and support for the vulnerable
•    Autonomy of community initiatives and projects
•    Citizen participation in decision-making
•    Belief in the capacity of individuals and organisations
•    Democracy
•    Strong community


The Council conducts its business in the district of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, bounded on the north by Côte Saint-Luc Road, on the east by Claremont Avenue (south-east) and Gray Avenue (north-east ), to the south by St. Jacques Street and on the west by Connaught Avenue, hereinafter refered to as ‘the Territory’.



In order to realise its mission the Council plays several roles :

The Council encourage and support  partnerships and concerted actions . NDG benefits from a strong network of tables , the Council  participate,  coordinate or co-coordinate Coalitions and Committees such as: 



The Council mobilise residents and groups to work on issue to improve the quality of life using  different strategies such as organizing  public assemblies, supporting residents initiatives neighborhood festivals. 



The Council provides information and referral services through our website and by email, and phone. The council continues to work on developing different tools to insure that information about the community resources are accessible.