Tax Clinics

For more than 15 years, the NDG Community Council offers free tax services to the NDG residents. Tax clinics are usually held in the months of March and April. Schedules are available in February of each year. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you want to offer your time as a volunteer for the tax clinics, please show your interest by emailing at and the tax coordinator will contact you with great pleasure. 

Coordinated by NDG Community Council



CONTACT: Julie Cormier ,  | 514-484-1471  #225  



In 2018, in collaboration with the NDG Tax Coalition, the NDG Community Council had the opportunity to provide, for another year, free tax clinics in the 4 priority sectors; Fielding-Walkley, Benny Farm, Westhaven and St-Raymond. The Council’s partners at the Food Depot, the Walkley Centre, the Westhaven Centre, the St-Raymond Center, Tango and the Benny Library provided their space, staff and internet connection for eight (8) “first come first serve” tax clinics. Two (2) ‘Do it yourself ‘workshop were also organise in partnership with Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi for residents to learn how to complete their own tax returns online. In total, near 500 residents had both their federal and provincial tax returns filled. Of course none of this would be possible without the help of 45 great volunteers that out did themselves this year with their presence and commitment.


1) You live in NDG and

2) You are not self-employed and

3) You had a modest income in 2018:

  • Single person: income less than $25,000
  • Couple: combined income less than $30,000
  • Income from investments less than $1,000
  • **Add 2000$ for each dependant



Many NDG organizations offer free tax clinics for many years. The NDG Community Council, the Senior’s Citizens Council, the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi, the CSSS Cavendish and the Forward House, in partnership with the Community Volunteer Program, offers free tax services to their clients, or to all NDG residents.
In 2011, the Council joined all organizations offering tax services for modest income residents to create the NDG Tax Coalition. The mandate of the Coalition is to coordinate services and share resources to better serve the community. 
The Council is engage to pursue with the Coalition and to recruit new partners.  
NDG Community Council, NDG Senior Citizens Council, Carrefour Jeunesse Emplois NDG, NDG Food Depot , CSSS Cavendish, Forward House

Your organization wants to host a tax clinic?

The needs for tax preparation services in NDG always exceed the available spaces in the existing clinics. Every year, clinics are full and families must be send in organisations our of our neighborhood. If your organization wishes to propose a tax clinic, resources are available to you. The Community Volunteer Program was created to support those needs.

If you organise a tax clinic, you will work autonomously regarding the logistic of your days of consultations, the appointment management (or no-appointment service) and the greeting of your clients. Tax services works with the help of volunteers. You will be responsible to recruit your volunteers and offer an appropriate training. The Volunteer Program offers training material and many other useful information to organise a clinic.

Visit  for all necessary information. You can also communicate with the Tax coordinator at the NDG Community Council for more support. 


To have your tax retruns completed, you will need the following documents. Through the year, keep all documents together; you will avoid stress when tax season comes. You will also be able to claim all credits and possibly get a bigger reimbursement!


Employee: T4, RL-1

Employment Insurance receiver, T4E(Q), RQAP T4E, RL6

Workers Compensation benefits,  or social assistance(welfare):T5007, RL- 5 

Student: T2202A, RL- 8 (from school, college, university) , RL1 T4A (Loans and bursaries), Bank statement (interests paid on student loan)

Parents with Children: Parental benefits T4E (Q), RL-6, RL24 or receipt from daycare or school, RL-24 from school or/and camp, RL30 (subsidized daycare), RL19 (advanced payments), Receipt for any sports activities or art amount fees

Retired Person: T4A (OAS), T4A(P), Rl-2, Optional (T4RIF ) or/and T4RS

Medical expenses, homecare and caregiver expenses (pharmacy, dentist, optometrist, etc)

Seniors (70 +): Monthly price for apartment, Home cleaning, Snow removal, Meals on Wheels, etc.

Tenants: RL31 (ask your landlord for it in February) If you live in a subsidize apartment, you will NOT be receiving a RL31.

Notice of Assessment from last year (Québec and Canada)
















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