The NDG Community Council has been helping eligible individuals to fill their tax declaration for free for more than 30 years. Our service is offered from March to December. In 2023, to be able to serve residents safely, we will work on appointments or with an envelope system. Starting February 14th, you can contact us at 514 484 1471 or taxndg@ndg.ca to schedule an appointment in the following month or to obtain more information.

NDG Tax clinics volunteers training


The NDG Community Council is looking for volunteers for the 2023 free tax clinics all over NDG. We need up to 40 volunteers to help low-income residents of NDG prepare their tax returns free of charge at our office in March and April 2024.
Once again, we will keep offering the service all year and you might also have the opportunity to keep volunteering for the rest of the year. The Council offers full training to volunteers but, if you already have experience, it is great! You must be fluent either in French or in English, be comfortable working on a computer and available to participate in at least 2 tax clinics on weekdays (flexible schedule to be sent later).
For more information, contact us at taxndg@ndg.ca


Dear residents,
Due to the COVID-19 situation, our service is slower than usual. When you call for an appointment, our receptionist will inform you of the delay. If you leave a message, please allow up to a week for a callback. Note that the eligibility criterias (see below) remain the same.

Useful links and documents


You have the possibility to drop your documents at the NDG Community Council’s office on appointments. Please call 514 484 1471 and leave a message to know when this is possible


Every year, through the month of March, we offer the occasion for residents to learn how to complete their simple tax declaration on their own.

To be informed of the next Do-It-Yourself sessions, subscribe to the NDG Community Council Newsletter



1) You live in NDG and
2) You are not self-employed and
3) You had a modest income:
  • Single person: income less than $35,000
  • Couple: combined income less than $45,000
  • Income from investments less than $1,000
  • **Add 2500$ for each dependant


To have your tax returns completed, you will need the following documents depending on your personnel situation. Through the year, keep all documents together; you will avoid stress when tax season comes. You will also be able to claim all credits and possibly get a bigger reimbursement!


  • Employee: T4, RL-1
  • Employment Insurance receiver, T4E(Q), RQAP T4E, RL6
  • Workers Compensation benefits,  or social assistance(welfare):T5007, RL- 5 
  • Student: T2202A, RL- 8 (from school, college, university) , RL1 T4A (Loans and bursaries), Bank statement (interests paid on student loan)
  • Parents with Children: Parental benefits T4E (Q), RL-6, RL24 or receipt from daycare or school, RL-24 from school or/and camp, RL30 (subsidized daycare), RL19 (advanced payments), Receipt for any sports activities or art amount fees
  • Retired Person: T4A (OAS), T4A(P), Rl-2, Optional (T4RIF ) or/and T4RS
  • Medical expenses, homecare and caregiver expenses (pharmacy, dentist, optometrist, etc)
  • Seniors (70 +): Monthly rent for apartment, Home cleaning, Snow removal, Meals on Wheels, etc.
  • Tenants: RL31 (ask your landlord for it in February every year) If you live in a subsidized apartment, you will NOT be receiving a RL31.
  • Notice of Assessment from previous year (Québec and Canada)


Tax Clinics in NDG
  • 689 tax declarations filed both to Canada and Quebec Continuity in income for residents depending on pension revenues or Child allowances
  • 56 volunteers received the 15 hours training while 39 of them actively volunteered in the clinics
  • 29 tax clinics organised, 20 of them offering walk-in service
  • 63 forms filled for the Housing shelter allowance


Many NDG organizations offer free tax clinics for many years. The NDG Community Council, the Senior’s Citizens Council, the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi and the CIUSSS , in partnership with the Community Volunteer Program, offers free tax services to their clients, or to all NDG residents. In 2011, the Council joined all organizations offering tax services for modest income residents to create the NDG Tax Coalition. The mandate of the Coalition is to coordinate services and share resources to better serve the community. The Council is engaged to pursue with the Coalition and to recruit new partners.

NDG Community Council,  The Depot Community Food Center, CSL Library, Saint-Raymond Community Center, Walkley Community Center, Westhaven Community Center, CSL Library Bienvenue à NDG, Benny Library, Head & Hands, Tango, LCSG, Women on the Rise

Your organization wants to host a tax clinic?

The needs for tax preparation services in NDG always exceed the available spaces in the existing clinics. Every year, clinics are full and families must be send in organisations our of our neighborhood. If your organization wishes to propose a tax clinic, resources are available to you. The Community Volunteer Program was created to support those needs.

If you organise a tax clinic, you will work autonomously regarding the logistic of your days of consultations, the appointment management (or no-appointment service) and the greeting of your clients. Tax services works with the help of volunteers. You will be responsible to recruit your volunteers and offer an appropriate training. The Volunteer Program offers training material and many other useful information to organise a clinic.

Visit http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/volunteer/  for all necessary information. You can also communicate with the Tax coordinator at the NDG Community Council for more support. 




(514) 484-1471

fax: (514) 484-1687


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