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NDG Round Table

The Round Table meetings are a space for communication in order to foster relationship and partnership building among the diversity of organizations who share a desire to improve a quality of life in NDG by building upon the richness of their existing strengths.

 The Round Tables are regular, bilingual and accessible meetings/gathering that honour and respond to the multiple needs and interests of its participants. Activities are open to representatives of community organisations, institutions and associations active in NDG as well as invited resources. 

                                  November 22nd,  2018


                                         Contact person: Graziella B. Challenger graziellabietochallenger@ndg.ca



The NDG Round Table meetings take place four times per year and are organized in partnership with an organizing committee made up of representatives from local community organizations. The meetings provide a space for community workers to network, share information, discuss common issues and work on concerted actions.

Next meetings, put them in your Agenda: 

Wednesday February 7th 2018  

Tuesday April 10th 2018  

Wednesday  September 19th  2018

Thursday November 22nd 2018

Since 2005, the Round Table meetings have been organised 4 times a year. These gatherings are attended by workers from more than 30 NDG organizations in various sectors (e.g seniors, youth, employment, food security). Having the chance to discuss our work together is a way to coordinate our efforts to improve the quality of life in NDG. It allows us to identify and discuss strategies in response to issues that affect us all.  If you are interested in helping to organize these meetings or in attending them as a representative of your organization, please contact : graziellabietochallenger@ndg.ca   





Comité planificateur de la table ronde / Round Table Planning Committee :

Graziella B.Challenger (NDG CC, Round Table coordinator)

Halah Al Ubaidi (NDG CC),

Nikki Schiebel (Eco-Quartier NDG),

Gail Tedstone (NDG Resident),

Andrea Clarke (Head and Hands), 

Despina Sourias (CJE),

Bonnie Soutar (NDG Food Depot)

2017 minutes coming soon!

January 25th 2017: Minutes (click to download)

January 27, 2015: "The successful AGM" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

April 29, 2015: "Partnerships" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

September 29, 2015: "The Economic Development in NDG" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

November 26, 2015: "Collective Impact Project in NDG" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

January 27, 2016: "The Cooperatives' Models & the NDG examples" AGENDA (click to Download) / PRESENTATION ON COOPERATIVES (click to Download

September 14th 2016 :"Panel de discussion animé: Les réalités de demandes de financement/Funding realities animated panel discussion" Minutes ( Click to download)




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