The Round Table meetings are a space for communication in order to foster relationship and partnership building among the diversity of organizations who share a desire to improve quality of life in NDG by building upon the richness of their existing strengths.  The Round Tables are regular, bilingual and accessible meetings/gathering that honour and respond to the multiple needs and interests of its participants. Activities are open to representatives of community organisations, institutions and associations active in NDG as well as invited resources. 

NDG Round Table meetings for organisations
The NDG Round Table meetings take place 4 times per year and are organized in partnership with an organizing committee made up of representatives from local community organizations. The meetings provide a space for community workers to network, share information, discuss common issues and work on concerted actions.

Since 2005, the Round Table meetings have been organised 4 times a year. These gatherings are attended by workers from more than 30 NDG organizations in various sectors (e.g seniors, youth, employment, food security).
Having the chance to discuss our work together is a way to coordinate our efforts to improve the quality of life in NDG. It allows us to identify and discuss strategies in response to issues that affect us all.  
If you are interested in helping to organize these meetings or in attending them as a representative of your organization, please contact: ndgcc@ndg.ca


  • WHEN? Wednesday, April 24, 2024, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • WHERE? Westhaven Community Centre, 7405 Ave Harley, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1L5

  • 1- Presentation of NDG Community Strategic Plan 2024-2027 (by the NDG Community Council team)

    2- Presentation of services: Accueil Centralisé Psychosocial (by the CIUSSS team)

    3- Ville-Unie: New project to support local economy in NDG


  • (NDG CC, coordinator)
  • The Depot Community Food Centre: Renate Betts
  • Maison Mosaik : Krystin Dobbs
  • Walkley Centre: Sandra Serrano
  • Prévention NDG: Karl Thomas
  • SPVM: Geneviève Polèse
NDG Round Table meetings for organisations


  • March 13, 2024 -  As part of the NDG Round Table, the NDG Community Council, in partnership with the Dépôt and the NDG CDN Borough, invites you to take part in the "Building a Nourishing NDG" Forum. Our Borough is currently engaged in the Plan de Développement d'une Communauté Nourricière (PDCN), and your input is important!


  • 24 January 2023: What are the community resources to respond to food inflation?
  • 23 March, 2023: Asylum seekers in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, a portrait of the situation
  • 13 September 2023: GAP (Guichet accès à la première ligne), a very useful resource to help our residents access healthcare.
  • November 29, 2023: ''Alone we go Fast, Together we go Further!''


  • 12 May, 2022: Presenting your programming and getting to know partners
  • 14 July 2022: Networking and information sharing
  • 29 September 2022: Programming for the new season
  • 15 November 2022: Holiday season: who does what?
NDG Round Table meetings for organisations

2021 September

  1. The vaccine passport in community practice
  2. Returning to the office
  3. Municipal elections

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2020 February

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2020 November

November 30, 2020
COVID Affects Us All: The Mental Health of Community Professionals and the new work context (new organization challenges, depression, teleworking g &family balance, compassion fatigue, loneliness, overwork, distance from colleagues)

2019 February


2019 May


2019 September

NDG attract numerous newly arrived immigrants and residents. What is the capacity of local organization? NDG Round Table invites you to an assessment of the welcoming of new service users. What are your challenges? What process do you follow in your intervention and referral. How people are coming to your door? Looking forward to meeting you. Wednesday September 18th 2019 from 11.30am to 1.30pm

2019 November

NDG Community Round Table

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January 25th 2017
  CONSULTATION PHASE November 11, 2017
Strategic plan- goals and objectives | Plan stratégique- But et objectifs


January 27, 2016
The Cooperatives' Models & the NDG examples
Les modèles de coopératives & des examples dans NDG 
  AGENDA (click to Download)
 PRESENTATION (click to Download)

May 19,2016
Les organismes de NDG présentent leurs activités estivales


September 14t, 2016

Funding realities animated panel discussion | Panel de discussion animé: Les réalités de demandes de financement/



January 27, 2015: 
"The successful AGM" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

April 29, 2015: 
"Partnerships" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

September 29, 2015: 
"The Economic Development in NDG" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)

November 26, 2015: 
"Collective Impact Project in NDG" AGENDA (click to Download) / MINUTES (click to Download)






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