In June 2018, The Depot was recognized as the first Community Food Centre in Quebec.
A Community Food Centre (CFC) is a welcoming space where people come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for Good Food for All. CFCs provide people with emergency access to high-quality food in a dignified setting that doesn’t compromise their self-worth. People build their cooking and gardening skills while sharing their knowledge, and kids expand their tastes and get their hands dirty in kitchens and gardens in ways that help them make healthier food choices. Community members find their voices on the issues that matter to them, and people find friends and support. CFCs offer multifaceted, integrated and responsive programming in a shared space where food builds health, hope, skills and community.

Food Distribution and Program Space: 6450 Somerled Ave. H4V 1S5 | Administrative Office:  6505 Somerled Ave. H4V 1S7


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Tuesday: 2 pm to 7 pm

Friday: 10 am to 2 pm

A free balanced basket of staple foods twice a month with fresh and healthy options.

Our twice-weekly emergency food baskets provide whole and healthy foods for members of our community living with insufficient incomes.

What is required? We ask that you provide a proof of residence such as a phone or hydro bill, as well as a piece of ID (photo ID if possible) for each member of the family. You will need to bring the IDs and proof of residence for each visit. Please bring reusable bags for your groceries. People without status or without a permanent address may speak confidentially with a staff member. 




(514) 484-1471

fax: (514) 484-1687

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