The Lunar New Year community event is a festive celebration that brings together residents from diverse backgrounds to usher in the traditional Asian New Year. This vibrant occasion is a manifestation of our community's cultural richness, featuring a spectrum of activities, performances, and workshops that encapsulate the spirit of renewal and unity.

Lunar New Year NDG


Cultural Celebration: To organize a vibrant Lunar New Year event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the community, providing residents with an opportunity to experience and appreciate diverse traditions.

Community Unity: Foster a sense of unity and connection among residents by creating an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds to come together, share festive moments, and strengthen community bonds.

Educational Outreach: Incorporate educational elements into the event, such as workshops, presentations, or performances, to enhance understanding and awareness of Lunar New Year traditions and their significance among community members.




  1. Participate as an Actor: Join in the festivities by taking on a role in the event, such as performing traditional dances, playing music, or reciting poetry. Share your talents and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the celebration.

  2. Volunteer: Offer your time and energy to support the smooth running of the Lunar New Year event. Help with tasks such as setting up decorations, assisting attendees, serving food, or coordinating activities. Your contribution as a volunteer is invaluable in ensuring the success of the event.

  3. Take Active Part in Events: Engage fully in the various activities and programs offered during the Lunar New Year celebration. Attend cultural performances, workshops, and demonstrations to learn more about the traditions and customs associated with this auspicious occasion. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit and make lasting memories with friends and family.

Lunar New Year NDG
Lunar New Year Volunteer
Lunar New Year Volunteer


For the 4th consecutive year, the Community Council was proud to organize the Lunar New Year celebrations in NDG. Central to the success of the event since its inception has been the creative leadership of Jing Bai, the Council’s liaison with NDG’s growing Chinese community, as well as the contributions of a small army of committed resident
volunteers from NDG’s Chinese and Korean communities.

For 2019, the Year of the Pig, the Council undertook a new approach - movingaway from a 1-day festival (like those in 2016-2018) and instead spreading the Lunar New Year activities over a two weeks period across multiple locations throughout the neighbourhood. In total, there were 11 events between January 20th and February 10th, reaching
over 500 residents. We were very happy with the results of this approach, as it allowed us to reach new partners and new residents.

NDG 2018 Lunar New Year celebrated the year of the dog and was held at the Monkland Community Center.

This event was created to offer strong cultural bonds, to inspire, to enhance social relationships and enable immigrant populations to be involved in the community. Lunar New Year offers traditional Chinese snacks and traditional performances in addition to cultural kiosks which includes Chinese painting, dog crafts, lanterns, traditional fireworks and chopsticks activity, etc. 
This year we attempt to include the Korean and Vietnamese community . We had several meeting to work on ways to collaborate . We succeed to have some Korean participation Next year we will work again on this partnership . 

Lunar New Year is a very important festivity for the people of the Chinese community. With the support of more than 40 volunteers from the community, Lunar New Year 2017 was organized by the Council and Bienvenue NDG.

On Saturday, February 4th, this classic event brought together 300 residents in the Saint Philip's Church. This year, a special activities passport was prepared for the children. Their were 12 kiosks which included: Rolled Reel, Riddles, Decorate your own Fan, Pasta Figures, Mandarin Hat, Chopsticks Set, Red Envelope Decoration, Chunlian Collage, Spring Cockerel, Lanterns, Cut Paper and a Traditional Chinese Painting session. Residents of NDG viewed performances that included: Drum Dance of Waist, Red Silk Dance: Good Life, Traditional Instruments Concert, Youth Dance: Happy Children, Xuzhi Violin Studio, Walk to Spring Dance, Little Chorale: Harmony in the family is the foundation of a life and the Dragon Dance.

It was an honor to receive the Consul General Of the General Consulate of China in Montreal, Mr. Peng Jingtao, the Minister of Transport of the Government of Canada, Honorable Member of the Canadian Federal Liberal Party Mr. Marc Garneau, the Quebec Minister of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Ms. Kathleen Weil, The Mayor of the Borough CDN NDG Mr. Russell Copeman, the NDG District Councillor Mr. Peter McQueen, the Loyola District Councillor Mr. Jeremy Searle and Ms Marie José Mastromonaco, school commissioner for NDG.

We are especially grateful for all the volunteers who helped us with this event. The volunteers worked for many weeks to create this successful event. The Coordinator and some volunteers continue to meet throughout the year and coordinate other activities with a focus on integration and breaking isolation




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