Connectors learn to provide information and referrals to their neighbours in order to reduce poverty and include more socially vulnerable groups in their communities. Participants were recruited in all 4 of the priority sectors of NDG. They brought to the community Breaking social isolation activities, resources, friendly chats, mask distributions, joyful energy in these uncertain times and helped lead the December Together project.

Community Connectors NDG

Health and Social Impact on residents

Connectors as a group internally were able to break their social isolation by building their own capacity through zoom and in-person connections. Some participants were grateful to practice French as a second language, allowing them social integration in Quebec culture. Through prevention and promotion of activities and resources, community connectors were able to improve the quality of life of residents in NDG -- despite the cold months and a pandemic lockdown!


  • Eva Marsden Center
  • OMHM
  • NDG Art Hive
  • SPVM Socio-community agents


Community Connections Activities

Community Connectors in HLM: Saint-Raymond, Girouard, Terrebonne

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we noticed seniors were particularly isolated and disconnected from services as they were the most vulnerable in the face of Covid-19. Seniors living in HLM’s faced a particular difficulty as community rooms were closed off and services were significantly reduced to avoid in-person contact. It became apparent that neighbours needed to band together to pull through these difficult times. Community Connector programming was adapted to meet the needs of seniors and focused on volunteering and collaboration specifically for the residents of the building. The idea was that seniors would learn about services and the community sector while being taught basic communication skills in order to reach out to their neighbours and refer them as needed to the right services.


  1. Meet and greet
  2. Communication 101
  3. Pod mapping
  4. Communication 102
  5. Community resources in NDG
  6. Depot visit
  7. Technology 1: Introduction to Tablet Use
  8. Technology 2: Introduction to Tablet Use part 2
  9. Technology 3: Exploring Transit and Flipp apps + How to install/delete an app
  10. Technology 4: Emails
  11. Autonomy and leadership skills
  12. Library tour + Technology 5: Internet and Wi-Fi
  13. Discussion about tech
  14. Christmas dinner
  15. Socialising + Library app
  16. Socialising, debating about tech devices, discussion about tenant's committee
  17. Discussion, choosing technology devices, “bye-bye”
Community Connectors  in NDG
Community Connectors in NDG
Community Connectors in NDG
Outreach in NDG

The NDG Community connectors project - History


the NDG Community Connectors started as a pilot project with a group of residents with long-standing ties to the community in the Walkley-Fielding sector. The objective of the project is to provide learning opportunities to empower participants to actively seek out connections with their neighbours, giving them leadership roles within the community.


with the focus remaining in the 4 priority sectors. Two more groups were formed that expanded the NDG CC’s mobilising reach through kiosks and door-to-door surveying. Each group offered diverse talents and capacity to the program, making a large impact on information sharing


despite an ongoing pandemic, the Council continued the project through online Zoom meetings and hosting zoom activities with residents. The key success of this group is that they managed to stay connected with each other through one of the most uncertain times.


, our funding was reduced as priorities shifted and mobilisation was difficult to achieve during lockdowns. No budget? No problem, instead of doing one project let’s do two! The NDG Community Council is known for taking on underdog projects to meet the needs of residents. We managed to adapt programming to two very specific populations in the Saint-Raymond Priority Sector and have had many ups and downs along the way but mostly, we couldn’t be prouder of our participants who showed resilience in these difficult times

Vision for future outreach in NDG

Partnership with other organizations

Partnership is a critical component of successful outreach efforts in the NDG neighborhood. The NDG Community Council actively seeks partnerships with other community organizations to maximize outreach opportunities and better serve the needs of residents. For instance, the council provides kiosks during other organizations' events, and community workers from other organizations can join together for outreach initiatives. By working collaboratively, the Council can promote resources not only from its own organization but also from other organizations in NDG. This is made possible through effective communication and trust-building efforts among community organizations. By sharing information about available resources and collaborating on outreach initiatives, community organizations can help to ensure that residents are aware of and have access to the services they need. Partnership is a crucial aspect of building a connected and supportive community in NDG.

Partnership with residents

Partnership with residents is another essential aspect of successful outreach efforts in the NDG neighborhood. The NDG Community Council works to involve residents in outreach activities, such as kiosks and door-to-door campaigns, by recruiting volunteers from the community. This approach not only enables the council to expand its outreach efforts but also empowers residents to actively participate in the community and learn more about the services offered by the council. By involving residents in outreach initiatives, the council can build trust, establish relationships, and gain valuable insights into the needs of the community. This partnership approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents and promotes a more connected and engaged community in NDG.




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