Resource Center

The NDGCC downloadable resource centre offers residents a series of PDFs outlining services and resources in NDG. These documents can be printed, downloaded, and emailed at your convenience.

The NDG Community Council’s Resource Center provides information to residents and organizations on issues that have an impact on the quality of their lives. 

The online resource center remains an important tool that is available to all community organizations and residents. It includes resources divided by subject or by issue , each includs useful links and frequently asked questions. 

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Housing / Tenants

 The NDG Community Council’s resource guide for housing and tenant’s rights hopes to provide some general information about housing to the public by covering a wide range of topics. This guide is non-exhaustive but covers important issues such as emergency housing facilities as well as concrete answers to often asked questions.
The council recognizes the importance of housing issues for NDG residents, if you would like to find out more about NDGCC's housing projects, partnerships and initiatives click HERE.
For more in depth information please contact the council.

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Resource Guide - Food Security

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

The NDG Community Council’s food resource page provides residents with information on local agencies and their food security related programs. In this section you will also find links to various other agencies and useful information as well as a helpful FAQ section. This directory is intended to be used as an information and networking tool to more easily identify food security resources and initiatives such as, but not limited to, food availability, social activism and collective gardening.



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Resource Guide - Health

The importance of health is parallel to none; it affects our bodies, minds and communities. Because health has a huge impact on well-being, efficiency and performance when we are healthy we are better families, employees and citizens. Canada’s universal healthcare policy reflects this idea and guarantees to meet each Canadian’s health needs. Unfortunately such a sizeable healthcare system can be complicated and confusing to navigate. The NDG community council has put together a directory of health services available in the borough as well as an FAQ section to answer some general question about the healthcare system here in Québec. 

Included in this section is a rubrique concerning families with children 0 - 5 years. The sections contains information regarding pregnancy, birth, and post-partum resources. 

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Education / Schools Resource Guide

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela.

Parents and adult learners in NDG are faced with many decisions when it comes to education. French, English, or Bilingual? Private or public education? With the following resource guide, NDGCC hopes to assist NDG residents in making decisions about education. For children with special needs please refer to the Health section of our resource guide where you will find a variety of adapted educational resources for your child. 

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Newly arrived in NDG - Resources

On behalf of the NDG Community Council we welcome you to Montreal and NDG!

NDG is located to the west of the city center and is certainly one of the best places on the island of Montréal to live, do business, raise a family and retire. Immigration plays a key role in the growth of our borough and the vitality of our community, as we continue to evolve as a diverse and multicultural society. New beginnings are always exciting if somewhat daunting, and this guide is a resource put at your disposal to help you discover NDG and to assist you in your new life in NDG.

Welcome home!

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Resource Guide - Sport

 The NDG Community Council’s Sports and Recreation resource page provides residents with information on local resources for all ages about sport centers and activities in NDG


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Employment Resources

Employment is one the ways in which residents can live a fruitful life and because of this productive employment and decent work are key objectives of a person's life plan. Meaningful work is particularly important for newly arrived immigrants, it brings people together and binds society with a common thread. According to statistics Canada, 46% of new immigrants listed finding adequate employment as the greatest difficulty they were faced with upon arriving in Canada. Information about employment, pay and workers’ rights is often hard to find. With that in mind NDGCC’s resource page for employment includes a directory of services related to employment in and around NDG as well useful links to work related websites and answers to often asked questions.


 Download full guide in PDF

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Spaces for Rent in NDG

The NDG Community Space Coalition in collaboration with the NDG Community Council prepared a resource guide for the community groups in NDG looking for venues for their meetings and events.The venues included in the list are available for renting only on a temporary short-term base (per hour or per day). If you are a community group, non-profit organization, or a resident that is planning a community event in NDG, this resource guide will give you information about potential venues in the neighbourhood. 



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Resource Guide

   This guide is represent the organisations in NDG with the objectif to sensitize NDG residents on how to reduce their environmental impact and improve the quality of life of their neighbourhood.

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