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Information and referral services in NDG

The NDG Community Council provide information and referral services through our website, by email, and phone.  The council continue to work on developing different tools to  insure  that information about the community recourses are accessible.

In addition, to the information referrals at our offices, The Council provides a service point at Westhaven Community Center which receives one of our outreach workers since  november  2017, every Thursday. St-Monica’s Food Pantry, in Benny area, also receives one twice a month. This  in  an occasion for the Council to offer  informations  to the residents and to listen to their needs for the community. Those two services reached an average of 100 residents every month. A member of the Council’s team also goes around neighborhood events to offer similar service to the participants.

To get more information about NDG or about any other themes, please, call NDG Community Council  tel: (514) 484-1471 

To put or correct information about your organization, please contact us by ndgcc@ndg.ca

The Council continues to work on updating the community resources. Making sure our residents are aware of the available services and activities in the neighborhood is one of the Council’s mandate. This year, we noted several outdated ressourced documents circulating in the community. We also found out several groups working on either updating their ressources or working on creating a tool to use during their outreach. We organised two meetings with partners to better evaluate the problem and provide solutions. The group also brought the issue to the Round Table.

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