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Halloween Decorating of the Melrose Tunnel: A now-annual event bringing kids together to create Halloween decorations from recycled materials and decorate the Melrose Tunnel, transforming it into a haunted space. Partners – EcoQuatier, Cheap Art Collective, St. Raymond residents Association, Etoile-Filante primary school, Arrondissement CDN-NDG

Each year, the NDG Community council host a number of neighborhood festivities in each priority sector. Key community actors and partners come together to organise an event for residents seeking to have a nice neighborly time. Residents look forward to these events as it offers multiple opportunities for community engagement throughout the year. In 2017, all four priority sectors held their own event, such as St-Raymond’s Harvest Festival, Benny Community BBQ, Westhaven Neighborhood Party - in conjunction with the Food Depot’s Good Food Picnic and Walkley’s neighborhood party. 

Park(ing) Day is an international event designed to celebrate everyday choices for sustainable mobility and to advocate for favorable urban amenities by taking over a parking spot. Saint-Raymond, Benny and Walkley held their own eclectic version of parking day from coffee shops to hot dog stands to art and craft stations to a game of dominos!

All gatherings were reflective of what residents wanted to see more of in the neighborhood. All three parking spots received a total of 150 residents in the area.

Combat des Livres NDG Reads brought the tradition of CBC Reads to NDG. This event brings books to life through animated debate and competition to declare the must read Montreal novel. The inaugural Combat des Livres NDG Reads was organized by the Council with key funding coming from the Fondation du Grand Montreal.
Some Highlights

Jane’s Walks are an international festival that encourage people to explore neighbourhoods on foot to share stories and uncover unseen aspects of a city. The Council took the lead in working with residents in priority sectors to organize multiple local Jane’s Walks that helped show off NDG’s di-versity and history. This year, Saint-Raymond, Benny-Farm and Walkley each held a Jane’s Walk reaching a total of 50 individuals.

NDG 2018 Lunar New Year celebrated the year of the dog and was held at the Monkland Community Center. This event was created to offer strong cultural bonds, to inspire, to enhance social relationships and enable immigrant populations to be involved in the community. Lunar New Year offers traditional Chinese snacks and traditional performances in addition to cultural kiosks which includes Chinese painting, dog crafts, lanterns, traditional fireworks and chopsticks activity, etc
This year we attempt to include the Korean and Vietnamese community. We had several meeting to work on ways to collaborate. We succeed to have some Korean participation Next year we will work again on this partnership.


THE NDG COMMUNITY COUNCIL is the Table de Quartier NDG
with the goal of bringing together community organizations, associations, institutions, businesses and residents to involve them in a collective process of identifying community needs, setting priorities for action, and ensuring implementation and follow-up.




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