NDG Local Tables & Committees & Coalitions

The NDG Community Council is a Table de quartier NDG with the mandate of bringing together and mobilizing various actors in its territory (community organizations, associations, institutions, the private sector) as well as residents to involve them in a concerted effort to identifying community needs, setting priorities for action, as well as ensuring implementation and follow-up. The Council works in partnership with organisations, institutions and residents in NDG. The Council is an active member of many sectoral tables, workgroups, regional coalitions and Borough committees. The staff team of the Council meets regularly to exchange ideas to increase partnership and networking between various stakeholders in NDG. All of this is done while remaining attentive to the ongoing challenge of limited resources felt throughout the community.


NDG Housing Table

The NDG Housing Table brings tenants' rights groups, co-ops, community organisations, non-profit housing co-ordinators and developers together to share information and work on collective solutions to local housing issues. Together they develop a strategy for healthy, affordable housing for all residents in NDG.

NDG Food Security Coalition

The NDG Food Security Coalition works to support our partners in developing an integrated and sustainable food system to ensure food security for all citizens of NDG. It facilitates collaboration amongst community organizations that provide services to address problems related to food insecurity.



The NDG Working Group on Health is a working group of the NDG Community Council that works with the community of NDG to help ensure that residents have the resources and information necessary to access health-related services and to promote the health and well-being of the neighbourhood.  


Local Economy Coalition of NDG

Formed in 2016, the Local Economy Coalition of NDG aims to promote and encourage access to employment, entrepreneurship, and labour in NDG through consultation, networking, creative workshops and collaborative events, as well as the development of projects and initiatives that empower individuals, whether they be job seekers, merchants, or entrepreneurs. 


Table 0-5 ans - Cavendish

Through concertation, the table works to encourage the development of kids and to prepare them for school. Mission: Providing a continuum of actions to create suportive environments for families, parents and children of the CSSS Cavendish's territory. in their various stages of life (from pregnancy to school entry) through mobilisation and cooperation of the organisations of the community. 


NDG Youth Table

La Table de concertation jeunesse NDG is a group of NDG organizations that work with young people aged 6 to 30 and their families. The mission of the Table is to bring together organizations and institutions to support and consolidate the work being done for young people. It promotes actions to improve the quality of life and health of the targeted population.


NDG Seniors Table

With leadership from the NDG Senior Citizens Council and the CSSS Cavendish, this Table ensures that the seniors in our community receive the resources and support they need to maintain their quality of life. The Council shares relevant information from other tables to support collaboration on issues such as food security, housing and recreation. 


NDG intercultural table

The NDG intercultural table aims to promote the integration of people of NDG from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and to encourage their full participation in Quebec society. During the year, members of the Table worked on the consolidation of its mission, mandate, values, and course of action.

NDG Community Space Coalition

The main task of the Coalition is to compile detailed information about the needs and opportunities that exist with regard to space for community organizations in our neighborhood in order to build a strong case that can be brought to funders and various levels of government.

NDG Arts & Culture Table

The Table currently has a simple mandate: to promote the arts and celebrate the cultures of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. To date the Council has supported the members of the table through collaboration, facilitation, training, brainstorming, as well as grant writing and providing letters of support. 



By fostering collaboration among residents and organizations, we strive to create environmentally conscious initiatives that will positively impact NDG's ecological and social well-being.




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