NDG Community Strategic Plan

A plan “by and for” the community: 

The NDG Strategic Plan is a framework to help the community sector of NDG work together and harmonize the wide range of activities and services they deliver, to enhance the impact of their efforts. The Strategic Plan is being developed through several years of collaboration and consultation with residents and stakeholders across NDG, with the following objectives in mind:

  • Working together on a common community vision 
  • Harmonizing plans, actions and projects that share similar objectives
  • Building a sense of solidarity within the community sector
  • Collectively identifying the basic community priorities of NDG
  • Working proactively rather than reactively as a community
  • Strengthening community influence over projects that affect them
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This is our community plan, and we hope that residents, organizations, businesses, elected officials and institutions alike use this as an opportunity to connect with each other in new ways, to work towards improving NDG for all. Together, we can contribute to building a dynamic, flourishing and inclusive neighbourhood where everyone can participate in their community, thrive and reach their full potential.

Creating the plan The NDG Community Strategic Plan 2016-2021 includes five goals and 16 objectives. These goals were largely informed by the strategic orientations that emerged from the Quality of Life
Conference, but also took into account the data collected during the research and consultation phase. The COCO-PS used this data to define and develop the following goals and objectives.

Download Strategic Plan Report 2016-2021 (PDF)


PROCESS 2017 - 2020

The 2017-2020 strategic planning process is well underway. With the support of external consultant Marlo Turner Ritchie and her team, and with a Coordinating Committee in place, the Council and its partners started a new cycle of neighbourhood-wide planning in February 2017. Some of the steps involved so far include surveying the community on their needs and interests, evaluating the impacts of the last plan, consulting individually and in teams with a range of stakeholders, and analyzing data. 

NDG Community Needs Evaluation Survey 2017

As part of our work this year in getting ready to launch the next phase of our strategic plan, the Council, in collaboration with the COCO-PS created a survey aimed at NDG residents to get a sense of which issues residents feel have the greatest impact on their quality of life and where they feel the community sector should be concentrating its efforts. This survey was one of a number of outreach initiatives and the results will be used to help identify key issues for the strategic plan. The survey, named the NDG Community Needs Evaluation was distributed in seven languages to 338 residents. Much of the dissemination of this survey was done through word of mouth, social media and with the help of community workers. Results are still being analyzed but a number of themes have emerged as being of particular importance to the community. Notably, close to half of respondents indicated that proximity to local businesses was a key determinant of quality of life, with similar importance given to public transportation, access to healthcare services and pedestrian safety in the neighbourhood. In terms of services which were judged to be important to the neighbourhood, 135 respondents have identified services for seniors, 132 have identified legal aid services and 112 have identified services to recently-arrived immigrants as among their most pressing needs. The survey was edited and distributed with the help of many of our partners, including Bienvenue à NDG, L’Abri en Ville, La Table Jeunesse, the NDG Food Depot and CIUSSS Centre-Ouest. I would also like to thank Laila Abduljawad, our intern from Concordia University who helped to create this survey, and who also was responsible for launching the survey online. 


5th Quality of Life Conference, 2017
Download PDF report
On May 13th, the Quality of Life conference was held at St Raymond’s Community center and drew approximately 180 people from diverse backgrounds, including strong representation from local community organizations and institutions. A new ‘snapshot of NDG’ / statistical portrait was shared, along with a dynamic presentation on the Council. Professor Silvano de la Lllata from Concordia University spoke on the importance of people-centred design in urban planning, and the Loyola youth performed some amazing dance routines. Over 20 volunteers made the day a success. Participants worked in break-out groups, tackling questions such as ‘What do you like about NDG? What needs to change? and ‘How can we make that happen, together?’ Data analysis continues throughout summer 2017 and the plan will be made public in September. Check out Plan NDG on Facebook and the Council’s website to stay in tune with the developments



Strategic Plan 2013-2016
  • NDG Community Strategic Plan 2013-2016 (Download PDF) Updated May 2014

  •    Action Plan 2015 (Download PDF) 

  •    Action Plan 2014 (Download PDF) 

  • Other related documents and presentations

  •    Action Plan 2014 draft presentation (Download PDF): The first draft of the NDG Community Action Plan 2014 was presented at the NDG Community Council's A.G.M. on June 11th, 2014.  

  •    Follow-up meeting Strategic and Action Plan presentation (Download PDF): The NDG Community Strategic and Action Plan templates and work plan were presented on February 19th, 2014. 

  •    Data booklet with 7 key issues in NDG (Download PDF): Data collected at the Quality of Life Conference, Updated Dec, 2012. 

  • Process 2012-2017
  • The first NDG Community Strategic Plan was launched in 2013, following a community-wide consultation process and the Quality of Life conference in 2012. The Strategic Plan has a three-year term, from 2013 to 2016, and at the end of its term it will be re-launched for another three years - 2017-2020. 

    The timeline of the process of the NDG Community Strategic and Action Plan 2013-2016 includes the following steps: 

  •  complete the first NDG Community Action Plan 2014 (spring 2014)

  •  develop a series of public assemblies for the Action Plan 2014 (summer 2014)

  •  complete the second NDG Community Action Plan 2015 (summer 2015)

  •  conduct a public assembly for the Action Plan 2015 (fall 2015)

  •  complete the third NDG Community Action Plan 2016 (spring 2016)

  •  develop a series of meetings and public consultations for the Strategic Plan (summer-fall 2016)

  •  organize a Quality of Life conference in late fall of 2016

  •  launch the NDG Community Strategic Plan 2017-2020, available in 2017

  • The NDG Community Strategic Plan is monitored by a Coordinating Committee known as the COCO-PS (Comité de Coordination du Plan Stratégique), made up of representatives from the community sector, institutions, and residents of NDG. The COCO-PS is a decision-making body that bears responsibility for the NDG Community Strategic Plan (and the corresponding Action Plan), to give it legitimacy as a plan by and for the community of NDG. The committee exists for the duration of the Strategic Plan, although its members may change annually as they have a  one-year  membership (renewable). The COCO-PS meets 4 times per year.