NDG Community Strategic Plan 2016-2021


What is a Strategic Plan?

The NDG Community Strategic Plan is a collective framework to harmonize a wide range of activities and services across the community and a vision for the future of our neighbourhood.  It is developed through years of consultation and collaboration with residents and stakeholders across NDG, with the following objectives in mind:

- Working together on a common community vision;
- Harmonizing plans, actions and projects that share similar objectives;
- Building a sense of solidarity within the community sector;
- Collectively identifying the basic community priorities of NDG;
- Working proactively rather than reactively as a community;
- Strengthening community influence over projects that affect them.

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The NDG Community Strategic Plan 2016- 2021 includes five goals and 16 objectives. These goals were largely informed by the strategic orientations that emerged from the NDG Quality of Life Conference in May, 2017, but also took into account the data collected during the research and consultation phase. The COCOPS – Strategic Plan Coordination Committee used this data to define and develop the following goals and objectives

Building strong organizations

Increase capacity of community organizations offering services in NDG.

Access to community space 

Increase availability of long-term, accessible, multi-purpose buildings and green spaces for organizations and residents.

Employment & local economy 

Enhance opportunities for employment & economic development.

Quality & affordable housing 

Increase availability and quality of affordable housing

Mobilized & engaged residents for better services

Increase access to and improve diversity and quality of public and community services.


* The above links are for the Action Plan 2016-2021 summary as presented at the Strategic Plan EXPO on June 6, 2018. The complete Action Plan 2016-2021 will be posted here by October, 2018!


Coordination structure

The COCO-PS (Comité de coordination du plan stratégique) is coordinated by Riley Dalys-Fine, Community Organizer at the NDG Community Council (


Halah Al-Ubaidi - Director, NDG Community Council
Marie-Charles Boivin - Coordinator, Table Jeunesse NDG
Andrea Clarke - Director, Head & Hands / A deux mains
Miguel Cristancho - Director, Bienvenue à NDG
Fahimeh Delavar - Director, Logis Action
Frédéric Dufresne - Coordinator, Table 0-5 ans Cavendish
Hans Heisinger - Director, Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi
Sheri McLeod - Director, NDG Senior Citizen’s Council
Aurora Robinson- resident, Porchfest
Nikki Schiebel - Director, Éco-Quartier NDG
Judith Shapiro - Community Organizer, CIUSSS
Bonnie Soutar - Director of Development, NDG Food Depot
Terri Ste-Marie - Director, Prevention CDN-NDG
Gail Tedstone- Resident, Table santé
Marlo Turner Ritchie, Principle Consultant

Steering Committee

Halah Al-Ubaidi, Andrea Clarke, Riley Dalys-Fine, Marie-Charles Boivin, Frédéric Dufresne, Judith Shapiro, Marlo Turner Ritchie, Dana Vocisano

Consultation Team

Marlo Turner Ritchie, Lead consultant; Dana Vocisano, Evaluation consultant; Lisa Black, Administrative and communications support


Each and every taskforce volunteer!


Get involved!

If you would like to get involved, please contact Riley Dalys-Fine, Community organizer at NDG Community Council, 514.484.1471 ext. 223,

Downloads and resources:

Strategic Plan Report 2016-2021 (Download PDF)

Action Plan Report 2016-2021 (Download PDF)

NDG Quality of Life Conference in May, 2017 Presentation (Download PDF)

Strategic Plan Report 2013-2016 (Download PDF)

Action Plan 2015 (Download PDF)

Action Plan 2014 (Download PDF)

Snapshot NDG Statistical Portrait (Download PDF)

Key funders to date include: