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Westhaven is one of the four priority sectors in NDG. The neighborhood is bound by Saint-Jacques and Sherbrooke Street on the east and west and West Broadway and Connaught on the north and south.  The Council works in partnership with key stakeholders and actors within the community including residents, volunteers, and organisations in order to give voice to their concerns and form a common vision for Westhaven.


Neighbourhood Analysis (pdf)
2013 analysis westhaven
Tax Clinics
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Westhaven Neighbourhood Committee

The Westhaven Neighbourhood Committee was formed in 2012. Involving key partners and local residents, the committee aims to create a space in which challenges and opportunities within the community are discussed in depth. Since its formation, the committee has begun reflecting on its vision, mission, goals, and priorities. In 2013 the committee conducted a local survey and gained a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the community. The committee is constantly reaching out to more stakeholders within the community, it partners with key organizations and organizes various activities to increasingly involve the citizens of Westhaven. Relevant connections are being made through mobilization and partnerships within the community for the purpose of developing projects that link residents with services and facilities in their neighborhood and in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce as a whole.

The vision of the Westhaven Neighbourhood Committee is to create a lively, vibrant and integrated environment in which diverse discussions are initiated, goals are set and relevant connections are made through mobilization and partnerships within the Westhaven community for the purpose of developing projects that improve the quality of life of the neighbourhood and Notre-Dame de Grace as a whole.

The committee’s mission is to act as a catalyst for social and economic development by facilitating consultations, encouraging discussions and supporting residents and those who have a vested interest in the Westhaven community at large in the planning and implementation of projects and activities. As a catalyst, the committee aims to empower residents and partners within the Westhaven community, by providing an initial support and creating a positive space in which they can further build a community which they envision.

Westhaven Neighborhood Committee members:

NDG Community Council

Arrondissement CDN-NDG

Westhaven Community Center

Food Depot Alimentaire

LogisAction NDG 

Prévention CDN-NDG

CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de Montréal


Key Issues and Action Plan

Since 2013 the Westhaven Neighbourhood Committee is working on a neighborhood Action Plan, which tackles 7 key issues: 

1. Recreation
2. Housing
3. Social cohesion and communication
4. Safety and circulation
5. Employment
6. Environmental quality
7. Food security



Local Initiatives and news
Westhaven Collective Garden

Westhaven Collective Garden web


Park(ing) Day

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Social Gatherings


Residents Meetings

Residents Meeting 2015

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For more information, please contact Steve Charters (Community Organizer) at or 514-484-1471 ext.232


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