Saint-Raymond is a small but diverse neighbourhood at the southern edge of NDG, squeezed between the commuter rail tracks and the steep St-Jacques escarpment, with the Decarie expressway to the east and rue Cavendish as its western boundary. Historically an Italian neighbourhood – known to some as little Little Italy - Saint-Raymond today is a rich mix of languages and cultures, with an active community life. The neighbourhood has been of particular interest in recent years due to multiple nearby megaprojects that are greatly impacting the community - notably the new MUHC mega-hospital, and the ongoing reconstruction of the massive Turcot interchange. Traffic, commerce, rents, land-values, and the quality of the environment are all being significantly impacted by these projects.

NDG Saint-Raymond Sector

Portrait of Territory

St-Raymond is a residential neighbourhood with the traditional Montrealais plexes located in its secondary streets and 3 story mixed use buildings on main axes such as St-Jacques and Upper Lachine. The neighbourhood has many social housing buildings (HLM, OBNL and Coop), they are mostly located on Grand boulevard. There are many big box stores on St-Jacques, some of these stores are abandoned. The whole sector situated south St-Jacques is subject to re-development plan along with the Falaise St-Jacques. The neighbourhood has several pedestrian infrastructure crossing the railroad such as the Melrose tunnel on Melrose avenue., the passover on Grand boulevard and the Girouard underpass; However, these infrastructures are problematic in terms of security and comfort. Many activities were taking place in Melrose tunnel, especially in Halloween attempting to animate the area and familiarise residents with it (Click here for more on Melrose tunnel). St-Raymond has its own community center, which is located on Upper Lachine beside the parc George St-Pierre.

Community Priorities

  1. The integration of the MUHC;
  2. The impacts of the Turcot on traffic, circulation, and the local environment;
  3. The introduction of the new french primary school in the neighbourhood, opened in 2015;
  4. The revitalization of rue Upper Lachine for commerce and activity;
  5. The redesign of the intersection of Upper Lachine and de Maisonneuve;
  6. The availability of recreational and public amenities, including the development of an Art Hive collective;
  7. Road and pedestrian safety, especially in places such as the Melrose Tunnel and the Girouard underpass.

MOBILISATION: Residents Initiatives, Events, Projects

Mobilization of residents, organizations and institutions is one of the key roles to improve the life in this neighborhood.  NDG Community Council supports local initiatives, organizing local events in collaboration with other partners. Saint-Raymond Community Center playing a very important mission by keeping and providing activities, events & services for the residents (adults & children). 
  • Free Tax Clinics
  • Art-Hive
  • The Haunted Melrose Tunnel
  • Park (ing) Day
  • Jane Walk
  • Harvest  Festival
  • Italian Festival 

For 9 consecutive years, Saint-Raymond residents have teamed up with the Council and the Saint-Raymond Community Centre to transform the Melrose Tunnel into a haunted hall of horrors for Halloween. This has included a family-friendly decoration-making events at the Community Centre, and the community coming together to hang decorations in the tunnel. In the last several years, the CDN-NDG Borough has pitched in to paint the tunnel in advance as well!
Melrose Tunnel Decoration
NDG Saint-Raymond Parking Day
NDG HalloweenDecoration Workshop StRaymond Sector
NDG Mural Upper Lachine
NDG St-Raymond

CONCERTATION: St-Raymond neighbourhood committee

Comité de voisinage St-Raymond
The committee’s mission is to act as a catalyst for social and economic development by facilitating consultations, encouraging discussions and supporting residents and those who have a vested interest in the Saint-Raymond community at large in the planning and implementation of projects and activities. As a catalyst, the committee aims to empower residents and partners within the St-Raymond community, by providing initial support and creating a positive space in which they can further build a community which they envision.
  1. NDG Community Council
  2. Arrondissement CDN-NDG
  3. St-Raymond Community Center
  4. LogisAction NDG 
  5. Prévention CDN-NDG
  6. CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de Montréal
  7. Habitation Communautaire NDG
  8. Habitation Communautaire et Solidaire Grand 
  9. SPVM
  10. Old Brewery Mission 
  11. Saint-Raymond primary school 
  12. NDG Art Hive 
  13. PAAL
  14. NDG Arts Week





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