Grand Boulevard Sector

In 2022, the Council decided to concentrate on the Grand Boulevard area as a new defined sector within the SaintRaymond sector due to its high vulnerability caused by a concentration of social housing units, many of those specifically destined to individuals with challenging backgrounds

NDG Grand Boulevard Sector

Portrait of Territory

The Sector is bounded by Cavendish and Belgrave on the West and the East and Sylvia Smith and Saint-Jacques on the north and the south. The Grand sector has a high concentration of social housing (2 family HLMs, 3 OSBL housing, 1 coop). The railway and the overpass represents an important obstacle. Public security, isolation, and lack of facilities are some of the challenges in the sector. Despite the challenges faced by the residents, there is often a strong sense of community.

MOBILISATION: Residents Initiatives, Activities, Events, Projects

To break the social isolation and reconnect with residents, we hosted many outdoor activities like Mini Sugar Shack, St-Jean BBQ, Building Community Garden, Halloween in Grand, December Together, lemonade stands, information kiosks, and more.

Breaking social isolation activities and resident mobilisation:
  • 100 residents at St-Jean BBQ
  • 4 gardening workshops 4
  • 0 residents at Halloween party
Support the residents in their first board meetings and AGMs.

Increase in trust between residents and our team, leading to better sharing of information
NDG Grand Boulevard Sector
NDG Grand Boulevard Sector
NDG Grand Boulevard Sector
NDG Grand Boulevard Sector

CONCERTATION: Grand Boulevard Neighbourhood Committee

NDG Benny Farm Sector
  • Re-establish the Sector committee
  • Engage and connect residents, institutions and groups
  • The issues related to the railway crossing infrastructure in the sector, namely, Melrose Tunnel, Grand Boulevard Overpass and Decarie Viaduct
  • Safety of residents
  • Finding a community space or recreation area nearby for residents.
  • Social isolation & safety feeling
  • Drugs
  • LCSG
  • Habitation communautaire NDG
  • Mission Old Brewery
  • OMHM
  • Montreal Central Lions Club
  • Provigo Mehdi Taallah (sponsor)
  • MNA
  • Incredible Edibles NDG


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