Benny Farm is one of the four key sectors in NDG. The steering committee is in the process of changing the Benny Farm map to include all the residents and partners that we work with. The new neighborhood boundary includes; Terrebonne St. on the North and Sherbrooke Street W. on the south and Madison Av.on the East and Prince of Wales Av. on the West. The Council approached various stakeholders and key actors within the community including residents and partners working in the sector in order to voice their concerns and visions for Benny Farm

NDG Benny Farm Sector

Portrait of Territory

Benny Farm is a mixture of both social, private housing and organizations. It represents a vital number of lower-cost housing units in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Benny is home to a variety of people from different cultural and social background, including young families, single-parent families, senior citizens and people living with disabilities.


Benny Farm has the highest percentage of low income residents earning less than $30 000, with a significant number of residents earning less than $7000 a year, alternatively we also have a high percentage of residents earning $200 000. It is the largest disparity of wealth in the neighbourhood.

MOBILISATION: Residents Initiatives, Activities, Events, Projects

NDG Benny Farm Sector

The information obtained from the census tract and the door-to-door outreach done in the area provided strong evidence that intervention is needed on the ground. Benny Farm has the optics of being rich in resources; Benny Farm has the largest number of social housing in the neighbourhood, a community centre, a youth health centre, a library, sport centre, cultural centre, public transportation, a good food market, grocery stores and a pharmacy. Our scope has shifted to include Madison, West Hill, Montclair and Walkley (Between Sherbrooke and De Maisonneuve). The priorities in Benny Farm are insalubrious conditions in housing, housing projects that collapsed, income disparity, food security, mental health support and drug addiction.

  • Community gardens
  • Clean-up Day
  • Arts and crafts activities for children
  • Community meals
  • Lunar New Year
  • Skate exchanges
  • Sugar Shack visit
  • Borough meetings
  • Jane’s Walk
  • Parking Day
  • Halloween
  • Two neighbourhood committee meetings; 3 individual meetings with partners, a statistical portrait, door to door on Madison, building relationships with partners city wide. Creating links with the concierge and the owners of buildings on Madison and 6310 Sherbrooke St W. We worked with all of the landlords that had to evacuate, we made links with other social housing organisations to help keep residents in NDG.
  • Working with SHDM to find a solution to the waste management situation within Sherbrooke Forest to create a liveable outdoor environment. We aim to work together to resolve these issues as it has a strong impact on the immediate neighbourhood.
  • Residents of Benny Farm actively benefits from the Good Food Market. 
Results Successfully linked landlords with housing alternatives, empowered residents to contact 311 and to attend borough council. Alternatively some institutions are actively collaborating with the homeowners to address challenges posed by the social issues to mitigate their impact.
NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector

CONCERTATION: Benny-Farm Sherbrooke Collective

NDG Benny Farm Sector
The Benny Farm Collective (BFC) is a group of residents and partners who work together to improve services and contribute to community life in the immediate area of Benny Farm. The Collective works to reach a wide audience and find solutions for locals through sharing resources, creating opportunities for organisations and addressing concerns. It also brings diversity, helps members gain new perspectives and learn new skills. Acting as a group encourages task sharing, which means committing to showing up to all events is not necessary for all members, therefore reducing administrative burdens. New members are always welcome. The BFC has 14 members that meet 4 times per year (in addition to some ad hoc meetings when needed).
  • Head and Hands
  • O3 On Our Own
  • SPVM
  • Prevention CDN NDG
  • SHDM
  • NDG Housing Table
  • Velorution
  • Logis Action
  • St Monica’s Church
  • Eva Marsden Center
  • The Depot Community Food Centre


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