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Compeer Montreal


Compeer provides friendship, support and information to those suffering with mental health problems. Our goal is to recruit and match adults in the community who are in recovery from mental illness with a volunteer friend. We inform health care providers of our services as an adjunct to their treatment plan and we sensitize the community by promoting a better understanding of mental illness.

We are a non-profit community based center subsidized by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. Our program is for people 18 years and older who struggle with mental illness and are followed by a therapist.

Compeer participants can either be referred by their therapist (e.i.: psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, community workers, occupational therapist, specialized educator …) or can be self-referred, as long as they are followed by a therapist.


• Educational and recreational workshops (arts, nutrition, exercise, and crafts…)
• Home visits, outings, celebrations.
• Help with daily living tasks (cooking, budgeting…)
• Linking community resources (housing, legal …)

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