Public Assemblies in NDG

The NDG Public Assemblies are regular community meetings that provide a space for the discussion of important community issues. They help residents and local groups work together.

The process of organising public assemblies is key to their success; They are organized in partnership with local groups and organizations and with the support of the organizing committee, itself made up of residents and representatives from various community organizations.


For more information contact: Graziella Bieto-Challenger / (514) 484-1471 ext:228

As part of the Council's long tradition to mobilise residents around important issues in their community, the Council's staff organised several public assemblies, discussion groups and many public events, all in collaboration with community partners and residents. The issues discussed in public assemblies are determined by community demand and by the specific context that residents are facing.
Public Assemblies are great spaces for dialogue and information. They also exhibit citizen mobilisation, encourage citizens to develop their capacity for action and participation in great changes within their neighbourhood.

If you are a NDG resident or interested in NDG issues, there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • You can attend public assemblies, listen, discuss and meet new people.
  • You can make topic suggestions and partner with us to help plan a future public assembly on a particular issue.
  • You can volunteer with the NDG Organising Committee to help plan, organise and advertise the assemblies.


COMMUNI TEA upcoming



There is often great research and resources that are presented at Public Assemblies. This is where you can find documentation and agendas from past assemblies. If you are looking for information from past assemblies and you don’t see it here, please just ask us! This archive is a work in progress.

January- Acheter localement shop locally
June- Falaise St-Jacques
Liant NDG au Sud-Ouest
Linking NDG to South-West
December- La pauvreté et la précarité dans notre communauté Parlons en…
Poverty and financial Precariousness in our community let’s talk about it… 
Mai- Rencontrez votre commissaire scolaire pour une session d’information sur les écoles de votre quartier.

This year, with the objective of reaching out to local business in NDG, we created a new initiative “Communi-Tea” a space for entrepreneurs and businesses to connect and discuss different issues related to the development of their sector. These public meetings are held either in the early morning or in the evening to encourage their participation.
The focus of the meetings is on the Local Economy (ex. revitalisation of commercial streets , buying local). We had three (3) meetings year 2015 -2016:
As part of the NDG Community Action Plan 2015, public assemblies were organised to highlight the plan and the importance of working in partnership. We also highlighted great programs which were created during the year such as “Intervenant Communautaire Scolaire, “French Class for new immigrants”, and the “ Arts & Culture Table”.

April Citizen in action and wealth and inequality 
MayNDG Commercial Revitalization - Communi-Tea in NDG
September NDG Commercial Revitalization - Communi-Tea in NDG
October - Meet Your candidates (Federal Elections)
December -NDG Strategic Plan (Arts & Culture in NDG)
As part of the NDG Community Action Plan 2014, six public assemblies were organised during the summer of 2014. The objective of these assemblies was to provide a space for organisations to present their actions to residents and create a space for exchange and feedback. Another well-known and very popular activity was the Meet the Candidates event organised by the Council during the School elections in 2014. A public assembly on transportation this year sparked the formation of a new transportation committee in NDG. Another assembly focused on wealth inequality and austerity. 
7 August - Arts&Culture
12 August - Housing
14 August - Urban Life & environment
19 August - Children and youth development
28 August - Employment