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Atelier d'histoire NDG


The NDG History Workshop explores the stories and the history of all of NDG.

L’Atelier d’histoire NDG explore l’histoire et les histoires de tout Notre-Dame-de-Grace.


Archives of the NDG Community Council.
Archives du Centre Canadien d’Architecture.
Archives du Centre d’histoire de Montréal.
Archives du Musée McCord.
Archives de la Ville de Montréal.
Archives de la BanQ.
Canada Lands Company.
The Benny Farmer, Helen Guy collection.

Benny Farm: The State, The Community, and The Conflict. PhD dissertation by Luba Serge.
Catalogue des Concours Canadiens (ccu.umontréal.ca).
Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University.
“Hope. Effort. Family.” The Benny Farm Community Then ... and Now? By Erin Silver.
L'Office de la consultation publique de Montréal.
L’Office de l’éclectisme urbain et fonctionnel (L’OEUF).
http://www.loeuf.com/en/projects/ benny-farm/
Video Advocacy Institute, short films on Benny Farm, 2008.

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