The Arts and Culture Table has a simple mandate: to promote the arts and celebrate the cultures of NDG. The Table actively supports members with their projects and plays an essential role in helping develop and strengthen partnerships between organisations and resident-led initiatives with different levels of government and other key funders. To date, the Table has supported projects such as Porchfest, NDG Arts Week, Opera in the Parc, the Sherbrooke Forest and NDG Art Hives, and Hip Hop You Don’t Stop (HHYDS). Coordinated by the NDG Community Council.

NDG Arts and Culture Table


The mission of the Arts and Culture Table is to support and promote the arts and celebrate the cultures of NDG. We do this by supporting our members’ projects and initiatives through collaboration, facilitation, training, brainstorming, grant writing, letters of support, and organization of arts projects throughout the community.
Our vision is a thriving, sustained, and engaging arts and cultural scene in NDG that welcomes all members of our community.


Balconfête 2018 Porchfest

Since its creation, the Table has successfully mobilized dozens of organizations, groups, and active residents, obtained funding for projects within the community, and organized its own arts and cultural projects in NDG.

Current Projects and Collaborations

Are you interested in adding a mural to your building in NDG? Send an email to michellepawlowsky@ndg.ca with your ideas - we’d love to collaborate!
Mural Camp 2022 - Camp de murale 2022
Art Hive in NDG
Atelier l'histoire in NDG


The Table is composed of more than 25 members including residents, neighbourhood groups, and organizations who work in a variety of different areas related to arts and culture. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Arts and Cultural Table, please contact Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky.

Our current members include:

  • Art Hop
  • Arts Walk
  • Arts Week
  • BoomService
  • The Cheap Art Collective
  • Espace Knox
  • Montreal West-End Operatic Society
  • NDG Art Hive
  • NDG Atelier d’histoire
  • NDG Off the Wall
  • Porchfest
  • Prevention CDN NDG
  • Productions Alma Viva
  • Rep NDG 375
  • Sherbrooke Forest Art Hive
  • St-Raymond’s Action Group
  • This Really Happened
  • Walkley Center


  • Fondation du Grand Montréal
  • Table 0-5 Ans Cavendish
  • TD Bank
  • City of Montreal Programme Art Murale
  • Cultural Mediation Ville de Montreal
  • Arondissement Cote des Neiges Notre Dame de Grace
  • La Ruche J’achete NDG
  • Caisse Desjardins
  • MTL 375


2015 - 2016
In the summer of 2015, the Council reached out to many of the stakeholders in the artistic and cultural domains, and together they created the Arts and Culture Table. The creation of the Table was an inclusive process, stemming from the tremendous volume of actions that were happening in the neighborhood The Table is made up of both organisations and residents. Uniquely, the Table has a particularly large number of residents and informal groups on the Table, reflecting the wide range of artistically-minded people in NDG. The Table has a simple mandate: to promote the arts and celebrate the cultures of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. To date the Council has supported the members of the table through collaboration, facilitation, training, brainstorming, as well as grant writing and providing letters of support.

2016 - 2017
2018 - 2019
2020 - 2021

A map of organizations, venues, and spaces related to Arts and Culture in NDG.




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