Printed NDG Community Resource Map

The Community Council is proud to offer you a new Resource Map of the NDG Community resulting from a joined effort with our partners to better inform our residents about community services offered in our neighborhood. On the map side, you will find services and major institutions icons. On the verso, you have all addresses and phone numbers of resources. 

Online NDG Map 2018

Resources Map

In 2009, the Council received funds from the Borough CDN-NDG to create a Google-based Resource Map that displays the same NDG resources (community organizations and institutions) with contact information and some photos. The organizations are listed under 12 categories. You can find the list of categories with the corresponding icons and organisations below the map.

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Food Security Map


Food security initiatives ensure enough nutritious food in NDG. This map of such initiatives is created with the Google technology. You can click on icons in the map window below to look for organisations or you can follow the link to open the map in the Google window. There you will find the complete list of organisations and services, their addresses, telephone numbers, emails and web sites.

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